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Building out the depth and foundational support is a priority after the signing of star pitcher Gerrit Coile for the New York Yankees. Ensuring the team can withstand another injury bug is essential for their prolonged success, and the outfield seems like the most probable unit to fall ill.

Last season, Giancarlo Stanton played in just 18 games, and Aaron Judge also missed significant time. Add in Aaron Hicks’ injuries and his recovery through Tommy John surgery, and the Yankees need supplemental players.

The Bombers have retained Brett Gardner on one-year, $12.5 million deal with a second-year option, and they have Mike Tauchman, Tyler Wade, and “Red Lightning,” Clint Frazier available in the outfield.

Frazier, who has been the constant focal point in numerous trade proposals, remains a Yankee, despite all of the revolving speculations. Currently, it seems as if the Yankees hold Frazier to a higher value than the rest of the MLB, which means they could keep him active for the 2020 season.

Considering the firepower the Bombers already have in the outfield, it would take multiple player injuries for him to get another crack at playing significant time. Last season, he did hit .267 with 12 homers and 38 RBIs, proving his offensive worth. He also finished with a 6.5 BB% and a 28.5 K% in 246 plate appearances. His 108 wRC+ landed him in the average category. His defense, though, has been disappointing, as he logged a .963 fielding percentage through 53 games.

For now, he will remain behind Judge, Stanton, Tauchman, and Gardner. However, with Hicks working his way back, Frazier will slot in fifth until his return.

Could New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman trade Clint Frazier?
The Yankees continue to dive into the trade market, with Brewers’ Josh Hader leading the rumors. If Cashman is to offer Frazier in a trade, he likely wouldn’t be the focal point of the tentative deal, but he would be an obvious choice to include. His offensive efficiency at the top level holds merit.

I do not believe Frazier will be traded this offseason, but if they can get him some essential reps in 2020, he could be a moveable piece at the trade deadline.

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